1. There is a 2-hour minimum charge that applies to every service plus travel fee.
2. You must advise us, Melbourne Star Movers, as soon as possible if you wish to include any additional
items not listed on your Inventory List. Once advised, we will advise you of any estimated price
increase to the quotation. The additional items will not be included in the work until we have agreed
the price increase with you.
3. Be present or represented throughout the course of the move, including the collection and delivery of
the arrange proper protection for items left in unoccupied or unattended premises, or where other
people such as (but not limited to) tenants or workmen are, or will be present.
4. Prepare adequately and stabilize all appliances or electronic equipment prior to their removal. We will
not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or additional charges that may arise from failure to
discharge these responsibilities.
5. Empty, properly defrost and clean refrigerators and deep freezers. We are not responsible for the
6. Ensure that all domestic and garden appliances, including but not limited to washing machines, dish
washers, pipes, petrol lawn mowers are clean and dry and have no residual fluid left in them.
7. Provide us with a correct and up to date contact address and telephone number during removal,
transit and/or storage of items.
8. Take all reasonable steps to ensure that nothing that should be removed is left behind and nothing is
taken away in error.
9. We will not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or additional charges that may arise from failure to
discharge these responsibilities. Any loss or damage should be declared during the move or before the
removalists leave the property, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage after they leave the
9.1 If the Goods sustain damage by reason of defective or inadequate packing or unpacking, We will
not be liable for that. Some furniture might become weakened over time, and may not be suitable for
moving, as it might not be able sustain its own weight when lifted, we will not be liable for
crack/break/tear appearing during move, unless its our fault and its dropped or scratched by us, we
will not be liable.

9.2 Certain Goods (including, but not limited to , electrical and mechanical appliances, computer
equipment, scientific instruments, certain musical instruments, and furniture made of pressed wood)
are inherently susceptible to suffer damage or disorder no matter how carefully they are handled. We
will not be liable in respect of these items, in any way.
9.3 Sometimes special tools, equipment or vehicles are needed to complete a move , if customer
supplies or instructs us to use their tools, we may not be liable for any damage caused by these tools
9.4 New generation of Televisions are made of thin panels and very fragile, they are best moved in
their original packing by the customer in their own car. We will not be liable for any damage to the TV
if moved by us.
9.5 Where You or a person with Your agreement participates in the move, We are not liable for any
damages done to Your goods. You are advised to take Your own insurance for the transfer of goods.
9.6 Incase we do cover your goods under our Insurance the below conditions apply :
* Up to $30,000 of any damage caused to your goods during Loading and Unloading and in
transit as a result of truck accident, fire or overturning, a $1,000 excess applies to customers
in case of claim.
* Debris removal costs up-to $50,000
* Public Liability insurance covers, Compensation can be up to $5 million.
10. With your permission, we may use some materials to protect your goods in transit.
11. Electronic things like TV, Fridge, Washing machine and other appliances that has mechanical issues or
not in good condition or if that item is not working properly, Melbourne Star Movers is not liable for


1. PARKING. It is the sole responsibility of the client to make all the necessary arrangements so
that the truck and our staff have a well located and safe parking area. Parking fines will be billed
to the client.
2. RATES. The rates provide professional crew and truck and a minimum of two (2) hours applies
to every service plus call out fee.
3. EXTRA MEN. If needed, $40.00 additional will be added to the hourly rate.
4. HEAVY LIFT. We charge heavy lift fee of $100.00 for pool tables, spas, marble/granite or
concrete tables and any difficult to handle items weighing in excess of 100 kgs.
5. PACKING. We offer packing service for $20.00 per box (materials & labour included)

included in the hourly rate. Transit insurance covers damage that may occur should the
conveying vehicle become involved in a ROAD ACCIDENT or FIRE that results in damage to the
goods on board while the vehicle is in transit from the pick up to the final drop point.
7. ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE TO GOODS NOT INCLUDED. The rates do NOT include accidental damage
to goods while the crew is loading/unloading or movement in the load. (However, we do have a
duty of care to handle goods in a professional manner). This type of cover can be obtained (if
required) from Australian Cartage Insurance on free call 1300 880253 or check with your own
household home and contents insurer.
8. PAYMENT. Payment of the remaining balance is required on the day via cash, cheque or
credit/debit card (*cc incurs a 3% surcharge). Job is deemed finished once the payment is made,
any staff waiting time will be charged at the above removalist rate until the payment is finalized
by the customer or made arrangement with the office prior commencing this job. As mentioned,
Public Liability and Transit Insurance is included in the above price. Please note these rates do
NOT include accidental damages to goods while crew is loading/unloading or movement in the
load. However, we so have a duty of care to handle goods in a professional manner. Customers
need to take out their own insurance from Australia cartage insurance or check with your own
household home and content insurer.

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